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learning from sadness

It was about four p.m. last Saturday when the light fell from the day. My girlfriend and I had spent that day strolling around Mile End, stopping only at leisurely locations that yawned out to us. We hit cafes and … Continue reading

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LA Noire as neo-Slave Labour Camp

LA Noire, the latest release from the venerable production team at Rockstar Games and the less well-known developers of Team Bondi, is proving itself to be a divisive release. Poking around for hotspots in the environment of L.A. Noire harkens … Continue reading

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This is Aaron, still mopey about MTL…

Moving is pragmatic. It’s riddled with irritating concerns and “significant” questions that beg for quick, efficient answers. There are items to be boxed, furniture to be sold, useless possessions to be Craigslisted. There are ‘last trips’ to be undertaken, goodbyes … Continue reading

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post wherein herb comes to the conclusion that he probably doesn’t deserve better

I’m a complainer. That’s something I need to get out there, right away. I complain and I think I’m good at it, in that I can make people laugh while I’m doing it. That means I’m somewhat gifted at concealing … Continue reading

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Introducing Harry Potter (and myself)…

With the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (HPATDHP2?!), the entirety of the HP saga comes to a dramatic and massively-budgeted close. As is only appropriate for a series this big, the ending is wonderfully bloated … Continue reading

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