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Gaming Literacy: Silent Hill

There is a choking, debilitating darkness that churns at the core of every Silent Hill game. Quite separate from survival-horror progenitors Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, the Silent Hill series has fought hard – and infrequently successfully – … Continue reading

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Gaming Literacy: An Introduction

There is much discussion amongst critics of all mediums as to the importance of ‘literacy’ within a subject. Must one have seen this film, or that film, in order to reasonably critique other works? Is it imperative to have read … Continue reading

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Thank You, 3,499,999 Montrealers

I know just by publicly acknowledging this, I’m going to jinx it and find myself empty-footed when it comes time to commute to work tomorrow, but superstition be damned: we’ve made it this far and surely some goofy blog post won’t … Continue reading

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Occupying Edmonton… for 120 minutes

Cool mask, n’est pas? We were late getting down to Churchill Square for Occupy Edmonton because we couldn’t find a local cafe and I didn’t feel it was appropriate to show up to a rally largely aimed at denouncing corporate … Continue reading

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Just wait until they build this thing into your eyeglasses…

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Drive, or, a distinct lack thereof…

When I was young, my sisters and I would always take some time during the easter break to paint egg shells. If you’ve not done this yourself, it involves piercing a hole in the bottom of the shell, draining out … Continue reading

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Articulating Love : The Trip

You should understand, first, that it’s somewhat late, and I’m somewhat inebriated. I won’t spoil you with the trivial details of how I almost missed the flight upon which I’m now typing this, of how the French gentleman in front … Continue reading

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