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Are unpaid interns tweeting for you in the evenings?

We have a solution for you: at Content Corp, we outsource English language based online creation systems at below bargain basement rates. In fact, these rates are so low we like to call them “lower than sub-basement” or “six feet … Continue reading

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Big-Hearted Blockbuster

Ever since Jaws made its first run at summer moviegoers in 1975 and coined the term ‘blockbuster’, Hollywood has milked the formula for every ounce of its worth. Every summer we’re greeted with an interminable deluge of action flicks and … Continue reading

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Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’

It can be unequivocally stated that Kevin Smith is talented at making a certain type of movie. His style of filmmaking – and more specifically, his style of writing and dialogue – is strong enough that most anything he directs … Continue reading

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State of the Fan: Mediocrity Bites by Justin McKinney

This is the third in a series of posts entitled ‘State of the Fan,’  where friends of Sophisticated Pulp will be dropping by to relate their unique and personal experiences as fans of their favourite (tormenting/elating) NHL franchises. In this … Continue reading

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On whether to embrace or recoil from CBC’s Arctic Air

I didn’t know it was possible to cringe and feel anticipation simultaneously, but that’s exactly what happened when I saw the first promo for the CBC’s new drama, Arctic Air, which is set in my hometown of Yellowknife, NWT. A … Continue reading

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Gaming Literacy: The Fall of Japan

Ever since I was young, gaming and Japan were synonymous. I wanted to go to Japan because that’s where videogames were made. It was the age of the mascot, with Sonic and Mario ripping up the sales charts and acting … Continue reading

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Unfair Paris Hatred

  It’s probably not far from the truth to say that resting near the surface, I’m harbouring a pretty vivid hatred for the city of Paris. If you’ve ever visited, you might not get why I hate it here so … Continue reading

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