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When Everything Is Everything


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Lin$anity and the Self-Sustainability of ‘Media’ in the 21st Century

Note: Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American NBA castoff who graduated from Harvard in 2010, came out of nowhere three weeks ago to lead the fledgling New York Knicks back to relevance with a seven-game winning streak, resurrecting basketball in its mecca … Continue reading

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A Soul for the Ages

I heard knocking at the door, so I got off the couch and answered. “Good evening,” said a short, wiry and familiar-looking man in a grey suit. He stood in front of me in the apartment hallway, with his black, … Continue reading

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For the love of Pumping Iron

OK, so, maybe it’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but I think Pumping Iron might be one of the most fascinating movies ever made. I’ve seen it countless times and will surely see it countless more. If you’re not sure … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang and Work

If you come by and visit Sophisticated Pulp on even a semi-regular basis, you are familiar with the occasional sense of world-weariness that seeps out from a post here and there. While I wouldn’t say that I’ve hardened into some … Continue reading

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Mr. Perfect and the Absurdity of Perfection

The idea of perfection, especially when being used to describe a human, should be silly. For one, nothing is perfect in and of itself because perfection, in the way we typically define it, doesn’t exist: all that the term perfection … Continue reading

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