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Forget about this for two days and just relaaaaax: Advertisements

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Dick Cheney: From the Heart

From the recently-vacated chest of Dick Cheney: As you probably heard on the television news or read on the Internet, my time inside Dick Cheney came to an end today. I’ve pumped my last ventricles of blood through the man. … Continue reading

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Protest City

A few months ago, a thousand or so Montrealers took to the streets outside the Bell Centre to protest the Montreal Canadiens’ hiring of an anglophone head coach, Randy Cunneyworth. For weeks, college and university students in Quebec have taken … Continue reading

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100% Arabica

It’s a warm coffee that accompanies this post, the first piece of writing I’ve committed to in weeks. I bought it from a shop just up the street from my apartment building. The store’s so damn small I don’t even … Continue reading

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State of the Fan: On Becoming a Fan by Maggie Davies

This is the fourth in a series of posts entitled ‘State of the Fan,’  where friends of Sophisticated Pulp will be dropping by to relate their unique and personal experiences as fans of their favourite (tormenting/elating) NHL franchises. In this … Continue reading

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The Flu: An Ode to Boredom and Superstition

I’m not a doctor, but I can say with some authority that the flu makes one feel like shit. It is in these states that I find some respite from the other times I feel like shit: this time, I … Continue reading

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fringe meteorological theory

Here in Montreal, we’ve experienced a general thawing in the last week, with temperatures in the double-digits – far above seasonal – emphatically ending the pond hockey season and threatening to vanquish even the most stubbornly entrenched, shade-dwelling snow piles. … Continue reading

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