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Montreal protests and the sad and growing denial of democracy in Canada

If you live in Montreal, you’re no doubt aware that the city has been centre stage for a 10-week-long game of chicken between frustrated students and unflinching politicians over proposed tuition hikes, with both sides appearing entrenched in their bunkers … Continue reading

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State of the Fan: Hoping Against All Hope by Chelsey Lam

This is the fifth in a series of posts entitled ‘State of the Fan,’  where friends of Sophisticated Pulp will be dropping by to relate their unique and personal experiences as fans of their favourite (tormenting/elating) NHL franchises. With the … Continue reading

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“firm disbeliever in your punch clock promise”

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symmetrical solipsism

The cyclist had just finished class and was heading home, picking up speed as he biked the wrong way down a one-way street. The young business man, particularly inspired after a mild success at work, strode confidently towards the Metro … Continue reading

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Gaming Literacy: The Legend of Zelda

If game design can go through periods, or perhaps have great foundational periods springing from arbitrary geographical origins, then Zelda must be the absolute pinnacle of traditional Japanese game design. There is a fundamental baseline that exists in every Zelda … Continue reading

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The Piece of Shit Does Yoga

Last Friday, this Piece of Shit manned up and did something it’d talked about doing for years, but had been too shit-scared to try for some very near-and-dear reasons. Surrounded by energetic friends and a supportive girlfriend, I braved my … Continue reading

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