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negative feedback loop

I revel in bed, in post-dawn peace, before my alarm, it seems, has gone off. You better double-check to make sure you didn’t sleep through it. I roll back into bed because I still have 20 minutes before my alarm starts … Continue reading

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A Law-Abiding Citizen’s Responsibility to the SPVM

Dear SPVM and police fraternities across Quebec: I’m writing this letter in response to the passing of Bill 78 last week. I’m not going to comment on the legality of the legislation, as this wasn’t your doing in the first … Continue reading

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Your Loft Stinks

When you’re rich, I bet looking for a house is fun. If you have money, you get to look at all kinds of beautiful places. If you’re a regular person looking for a home, there’s an air of desperation and … Continue reading

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A Gaming Failure in ‘Spec Ops: The Line’

To start, I need you to head online and download the demo of Spec Ops: The Line from Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. Take 45 minutes, play through, then come back here. We’ll have a little pow wow. Spec … Continue reading

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Foster the People, live in Paris

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Emerging Market, Developing Nation: A Marrakech Memoir

As I sit to write this, I find myself still struggling to recover from a gnarly and stereotypical bout of food poisoning. It’s fair to say that this treacherous malady has poisoned (ha!) my ability to constrain my thoughts. If … Continue reading

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