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Gaming Literacy: Super Meat Boy

As a child, some of my earliest gaming memories are found huddled next to my sister Laura, the middle child, as we watched our sister Kate, the oldest, take heroically high-speed runs at late-game levels in the original Mario. Both … Continue reading

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Travelling Canadians

As a tour guide, I’ve had the unique opportunity of spending my days around a broad variety of human beings, each hailing from slightly different parts of the globe. Being an outsider in France myself, I feel a general kinship … Continue reading

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Autobiography of the 90s – Chapter 2: I Was a Haircut

I started as an incision. A series of cuts made by a man studying the hairline. If you try to anticipate what will be removed, you’ve missed the point altogether. I’m always growing, and removing parts is how a haircut becomes layered. Cutting … Continue reading

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The Post Wherein We Hit 100 Posts

As I look at our website’s backlog and selfishly restrain the search criteria to my own name, I disappointingly discover that my last post was written on May 10th of this year, damn-near two months ago to the day. An … Continue reading

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