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The Truth About ‘The NeverEnding Story’

Nostalgia needs no introduction, nor will I waste much time discussing it. Suffice to say, I just watched The NeverEnding Story (and yes, that’s the proper capitalization) and came to some funny conclusions that I’d never before noticed when watching … Continue reading

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Autobiography of the 90s: Manufacturing Poignancy, The Teenage Years

[Please hit play on the above song as you begin to read this chapter.] When that important person in my life almost nearly had a medical mishap and could have, hypothetically, died, that’s the moment that I knew: life was … Continue reading

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FAN, in all his wisdom

A collection of artifacts, unearthed by surface explorers during the last Terra Firma visit and recently decrypted by archeologists, have provided mankind with dizzying insight into the final days of our species on planet Earth. The documents were discovered buried … Continue reading

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