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The Nostalgia Factory: Facebook in the Future

As Facebook is now a publicly traded corporation, with the untenable goal of perpetual profiteering, how will it capitalize on its existing assets—that is, its users and their family photo albums, vacation videos, old prom pictures, baby pictures, old notes … Continue reading

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Behind the Brand: Ingest –> Invest

Did you know that Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. (“PPRC”), formerly Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund, is a corporation established under the laws of Ontario and owns certain trademarks and trade names used by Pizza Pizza Limited (“Pizza Pizza”) in its restaurants? Did you know … Continue reading

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Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

Sophisticated Pulp. It’s the name of this blog, and in so being, a statement not of intent but of taste. There’s a wonderful quote by the famous film critic Pauline Kael that goes: “Movies are so rarely great art that … Continue reading

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Ornamentation as organization. Wretched faces in rictus grins. Social niceties seem to extend only so far as when money changes hands; can banking be that comfortable? Modern offices arrange barricades of ambiguous rule-sets, insurmountable mountains, unbeknownst to many, that serve … Continue reading

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