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Calvin and sobs

Although this has basically been proven a hoax (read: fan-created strip) it still hits me square in the feels. Advertisements

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Donald Rumsfeld: The Known Known

There’s a scene near the end of Errol Morris’s new documentary ‘The Unknown Known’ when you think you might actually see Donald Rumsfeld crack. Is he finally going to acknowledge, on a human level, the role he played in the … Continue reading

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The Loss of Silence

While part of me wonders how best to describe this to you, I think it’s safe to assume that anyone can immediately grasp the maddening truth of it: My left ear has been hearing a high-pitched whistling sound, something akin … Continue reading

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April Fools in the Hospital

Years ago on April Fools, I found myself scared of death. I was in the hospital — three days earlier, at the age of 21, I had suffered a stroke. The morning of April Fools I was woken up with … Continue reading

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