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You’ve probably washed dishes before, but never, like, professionally washed dishes, to the level of cleanliness I’m dealing with. I’m talking spotless, no grit, mirror-shine clean. The kind of clean you’d think just came off the damn production line; the … Continue reading

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Preserving the sanctity of the homerun trot

Nearly every moment in sport comes down to strategy, a decision, the pressure to make the right one, and with it the associated fear of failure. Pinch at the blueline to keep the puck in or hang back? Go for … Continue reading

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Donate to Science

The shutter snaps its gratifying little clicks and within uncountable milliseconds several photos are taken, each essentially capturing the same thimble-head shot of a thumb, the white of the purpling fingernail filled with a deep mottling of dirt and decay. … Continue reading

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The Diner

Could this possibly have been the Western Dream? A wife and husband slaving over a stove day and night, and for once the literary usage of “enslavement” feels apt; they are always there, glued inexorably to that grill top, adhered … Continue reading

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Wasting my time, and maybe yours.

On November 1st I sat down at my computer and attempted to just write until the words came to their natural conclusion. What follows is the result: First day of the month; first stab at a free write. This is … Continue reading

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Jester Lambasted for Mocking Diminutive Baron

(Originally published in the New Amsterdam Times, 1637) Today a jester from the court of King Lorne was lambasted and spat upon in the public square after her attempt at jesting was considered a gesture of contempt towards young Baron … Continue reading

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the bubble i live in

i still remember going to sleep the night george w. bush was reelected and waking up the next morning in disbelief. no, couldn’t have happened. he’s a buffoon. every comedian i watched, every musician or rapper i listened to, every … Continue reading

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