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State of the Fan: The Dark, Oft-Unspoken Annals of Fandom by Tim Bailey Edwards

This is the first in a series of guest posts entitled ‘State of the Fan.’ Friends of Sophisticated Pulp will be dropping by to relate their unique and personal experiences as fans of their favourite (tormenting/elating) NHL franchises, in advance … Continue reading

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Not the ‘One Ring’, but certainly ‘A Ring’

It’s the night of August something-or-other, and it’s a Saturday night. The latest UFC event is to be starting soon (did I just lose all credibility?) and I’m about to dig into a few chicken wings, lovingly smeared with a … Continue reading

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Carey Price is awesome/crap and other pre-season, post-game musings

Believe it or not, the NHL season is ramping up. It’s come up quick and, to be honest, and I’m not sure I’m actually ready since that oh-so-soul-wrenching Vancouver Canucks 2011 playoff run (read: choke job) isn’t fully behind me … Continue reading

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My favorite thing about Sarah Palin is…

*constructed from Google search My favorite thing about Sarah Palin is that her mere existence drives many lefties into braindead apoplexy My favorite thing about Sarah Palin is her ability to continuously one up herself on stupid ass comments. My … Continue reading

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A guide to Christopher Nolan’s directorial incoherence…

… at least insofar as his directing of action sequences. Critic and Roger Ebert blog founder Jim Emerson picks apart The Dark Knight’s famous car chase scene, revealing visual inconsistencies and editing errors, providing an explanation as to why so … Continue reading

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Solutions to Problems That Don’t Exist

I was at that store the other day, it was called Solutions To Problems That Don’t Exist, you might know it as a Bal-Mart or a Barget or by another name altogether. I walked in, and the sales guy was … Continue reading

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On Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and avoiding another dark age

I’m sure I won’t be introducing this to anybody – I think something like 770 million people have seen this documentary – but as we slide further and further into this tired, tire-spinning media feedback loop, with increasingly bogus controversies … Continue reading

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